Half a Cup of Blues

Thursday, June 30, 2005

3 + 1 = Family

There are looks and then there are glances
Breathing deeply and taking chances
Smiles on the lips that climb to the eyes
Long warm hugs and blissful sighs

A voice on the phone that brings a grin
A heart-door opens and love slips in
The words are tremulous and hang in the air
But once they are spoken two souls lay bare

It takes courage to be both vulnerable and brave
To ask for the love that your heart does crave
But when you send it out and it returns to you
Then you know for sure it was real and true

Your lover and partner is still your great friend
So you plan and arrange for these two lives to blend
Antcipation, excitement, and so much more
As this family of three now becomes four.

July & August shall be months of transition.



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