Half a Cup of Blues

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Wise Lady left me a Gem ...

"Every day that we act with our integrity and for our highest good is a pretty good day.

But that doesn't necessarily make it easy, or fun."


I had to share this with all of you.

It has incredible significance to me, personally. Through the failures and successes of my life I know that I try to be sincere, caring, and honest in my words and deeds. I fall sometimes. I fly sometimes. I am, as I claim to be, a regular (generic) person who just does the best that she can each day. When I screw up, which I can do spectacularly, then I do my best to OWN it and make amends. Ducking my responsibility would just rob me of the opportunity to grow and learn as a human being. I don't want that. It is better to embrace the painful and work through it than it is to remain numb and unfeeling.

I am free~flowing water and not a stagnating pond. Each rock that I flow over is not a hurdle but, rather, a filter and cleansing agent. The destination is not nearly as important as the journey itself. There may be dams and droughts but those are not insurmountable. They are merely inconvenient. And, even then, they are great opportunities for growth.

I am humbled by the grace, wit, and integrity of those around me, young and old. We travel the roads and the riverbeds together and yet we are each alone and individual. It is in finding that balance of being the drop of water or flooding river that we find we can quench thirst, move mountains, energize communities, or even wreak havoc.

If, in each decision that I make, I keep BHD's wise words in mind then I know that I can live with the results. Whatever they may be.

Thank you, Cathy! *hug*

Today's Plan: Think, weigh options, and choose wisely.


  • This is just a note to tell you that I have wasted countless hours since clicking on the "addicting games" link on your site. Thank you. That is all for now. I have battleships to sink.

    By Blogger edieraye, at 6/16/2005 10:38 PM  

  • "I am free~flowing water"

    beautiful sentiments expressed here...
    each rock a filter is something I will think about...

    By Blogger name of the rose, at 6/29/2005 9:24 PM  

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