Half a Cup of Blues

Monday, August 15, 2005

It's back ...

My computer!

It tooks hours of frustration and about 500 reboots but it began when Goober #1, Kevin, asked to play around with it and see what he could do. Well, he managed to bypass the error message and log onto Windows as an alternate user but when we moved the tower back to my desk it took 3 hours to get back to that point and get it back to windows. What a nightmare!

But we didn't give up and finally we made it back in. By then I had seen that reboot message so many times that I knew it was a bad registry file that was hanging the darn thing up and not a fried harddrive like we had feared. With Yibbyl's help we managed to restore the system settings to a pre-breakdown date and then BINGO! It's all better and back to normal and all it cost me was a lot of time and some frustration.

Thank you Kevin and Kurt!

Today's plan: Cold Stone treats on me this weekend for my wonderful guys!


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