Half a Cup of Blues

Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh My ...

I have such phenomenal students! They make me work SO incredibly hard just to keep them engaged and excited about what we do but they are worth every minute of it.

The kids in our environment are often pulled, kicking and screaming, into participating in their own education. They often fight being here right up to the minute that they leave and move on to the next leg of their journey through life. We're lucky if we ever get a goodbye much less a "thank you" or any sign that what we did made a difference (we all know that what we do may take years to truly bear fruit and we're okay with that).


Every once in a while you get a hug, a note, a picture, a card, or some other precious tidbit from a student who made a connection. This (written just as it was) came to me today from a VERY challenging young lady:

Michelle your my bell
sent from heaven to ring.
I love you and only kindness can tell
the joy that you bring.
Cute & cuddly the courage that you have.
You inspire me when no one else can.
Helping to overcome
the nastyness in this world
The students that you teach
get so caught up in your loving swirl.
Enthusiastic and fun
Your hair looks so beautiful in the sun.
Look Michelle don't you understand
I love you and I think that your grand?
Lightly creating a structured world
You help so many abused children
to believe their of worth.
Enthused I am to be at your hand.
I trust you and love you.
Your my best friend.

Wow! She almost made me cry in class!!



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