Half a Cup of Blues

Friday, October 28, 2005

Transitions ...

Today we celebrate our relationships.

The new classroom opens on Monday so today is the last day for three of my students and one of my staff. Our room truly operates like a close family unit on many levels (including the bickering ones) so to lose this many at one time is a fairly tremendous impact.

The students that are leaving were chosen carefully and the move to a smaller, one-on-one, instructional environment should be good for them. But... I worry that the loss of the group dynamics might also have a less then positive impact on a couple of them. I guess that these are the times when you just have to trust in the future and the ability of people to find their strengths and live up to their potential whether they are with you are away from you. I'm not a control freak. Really.

Anyways. It's raining again.
I actually really like the rain but, today, it just seems appropriate for the mood of the day.

EDIT: How right I was. What a dreary day this turned out to be. There are days when I am very proud of the company that I work for. This is not one of those days. This whole week has been one that has really made me somewhat ashamed of my administration. Staff morale is low and it appears as though "power and control" are more important than integrity and respect. *sigh*


  • Power and Control is only effective if you let yourself be controled. It bugs those types when they can't get to you.

    By Blogger Mind_of_Me, at 11/07/2005 7:03 PM  

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