Half a Cup of Blues

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Missing ...

Well, who'd a thunk it?

It's only been a day and I think that I actually miss the Peep's names rather than their blog titles. There was obviously some comfort factor involved in having those names there to see when I wanted to jump over to read someone's blog. I certainly didn't expect this. I may give it a few days and then change them back. So, there's a thought: do people have a preference how they are listed? I know that I'm just tickled to even BE on anyone's page but I can also be a strange duck so other people might feel differently.

Well, I have TONS of stuff to do today and I am procrastinating like crazy! I'm going to go through my kitchen cabinets and get rid of anything broken, missing lids, etc. I've run out of room so this really needs to happen!

Today's Plan: Tackle the chores and git 'er done!


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