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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another One Gone ...

One of my students ran away from her group home last Friday morning. We talked to her aunt today and she had heard from her so at least we knew she was safe (relatively speaking) for now. The bad news was that even if she does come back we won't keep her. The company had already decided that they were sending her back to her home county (the other end of the state).

I'm never quite sure what the specific reasons are that we give up on a kid and move them on down the line. I would have voted to keep this one. She was a scrapper, yes, and she created havoc with other kids but there was a great kid wrapped up inside of all of that bravado.

I hate that we give up on kids.

We just shouldn't be doing that.



  • Well at least YOU didn't give up Michelle.I wish you could save all the kids.But you have to move on.
    The 'company' gave up.Its a business.What I hate is that the 'parents'give up.I have seen that first hand and that is sad.
    *hugs to all*

    By Blogger Jay, at 2/02/2006 7:03 PM  

  • What jay said....

    Is there anything...anything at all you can do for her outside of the company? Kids, medical conditions, are not born messed. We make them that way. and we should fix them. Government agencies are probably constrained by budget limits and trying to do the most good for the highest number of kids. Maybe that was their reason.

    On the other hand, maybe someone who made the rules is quite simply an ass...

    can you find out? can you change the system?

    By Blogger doc-t, at 2/02/2006 7:47 PM  

  • I feel for you. You have to do something that goes against your grain.

    By Blogger redpig77, at 2/03/2006 9:22 AM  

  • I'm so sorry this happened, Michelle :(

    By Blogger Sophie T. Mishap, at 2/06/2006 9:39 AM  

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