Half a Cup of Blues

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Zappa Rocks!

That's what we've named the Beta (Japanese fighting fish) that we've had for a while.

We moved him today from the studio apartment (large vase) to the spacious condominium (1.5 gallon tank) and he seems to be adjustly nicely to all of the changes. He has shag carpeting. Okay, it's really just black rocks with some blue sprinkled in there and it looks really nice when the light shines on it. He had live plant roots in the vase but now he has an entire garden of plants that are completely submerged. He's got a floating chunk of hollow wood that is supposed to sink eventually and give him a nice little hidey hole. He's got a light which also provides heat, something that the vase was sadly lacking, so he should be warmer now. Our bedroom can get pretty cold sometimes. He's got a filter and bubbler though I'm not sure what he thinks about those.

Oh! And he has a roommate, too!

We added a very kewl little snail in there. He hasn't moved a muscle (hehehe) yet so I don't think he's all too happy about this arrangement.

I know, mundane stuff to be sharing, but it makes me smile so I thought that I'd share it with y'all!

Love ya's...



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