Half a Cup of Blues

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Streets of San Francisco ...


My best behaved student ran away this last weekend! She lives in a grouphome for girls and she was on an outing to San Francisco where she just bailed out of the van at a stoplight! What was she thinking?!

She is barely 14 years old!


Between worrying about her and Yibbyl being out of town - I just can't sleep.



  • I don't know how you do it.

    It is hard enough to have to worry about your own kids.

    You are an angel.

    By Blogger Allan, at 2/22/2006 5:45 AM  

  • :hug:

    I sincerly wish I can offer you wisdom.

    Allan is right, you are an angel.

    By Anonymous anica, at 2/22/2006 8:09 AM  

  • I'm so sorry, Blu. My prayers are with you.

    By Blogger Sophie T. Mishap, at 2/22/2006 4:21 PM  

  • I have no idea how to respond to this.

    What sort of parents bring a child to this?

    By Blogger David, at 2/22/2006 5:34 PM  

  • Gotta go,Gotta go.If we could teach them that life is long.That they have pleny of time to explore.Snap decisions are their downfall I'm afraid.

    By Blogger Jay, at 2/22/2006 6:10 PM  

  • last year I had a 15 year old student ran off with a 19 year old guy....I was out of town...in a convention when it happened....I just sat down dejectedly thinking...I didn't even know something was going on...

    And now...my 14 year old kid ( boy) isn't back from school yet...i told him in no uncertain terms yeterday to make sure he was here by 4....it's 3 minutes to 5....i dunno' what to say when he walks in!

    By Blogger Lady Lux, at 2/23/2006 12:57 AM  

  • Oh Michelle... I know how much you care about those kids, and how much it hurts you when they throw away or damage the few opportunities they are given. I hope she's OK.

    And as others have already said... you are an angel. And very definitely not "just" anything.

    MANY hugs.

    By Anonymous Dave in England, at 2/23/2006 6:12 AM  

  • I'll just add my own hug and repeat what the others have said: you're an angel.

    By Anonymous Alison, at 2/23/2006 8:05 AM  

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