Half a Cup of Blues

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring Break ...

And, OMG, do I need a break from school!

I put one goober on a plane to Missouri yesterday so he can spend the break with his dad since he'll be with me for summer school for the first time ever! The other goober is going to a friend's house today to help rip up carpet and install wood flooring. He's very excited about making some money and helping a friend at the same time.

I'm on the road with Yibbyl this week as he travels around northern California for his job. I'm excited about spending the time with him and I'll get to visit a special school (NVS) in Santa Rosa that has a program for emotionally disturbed deaf children. Their spring break is a week after ours otherwise I'd never have the chance to get away and see them in action.

Of course, I'll be taking some chunks of work with me because, as a teacher, you're never really OFF work no matter what anyone says!

We're leaving for San Rafael area this afternoon then Santa Rosa, Stockton, and last on the list is Chico (I think) so if anyone out there wants to grab a cup of joe and chat a while - LET ME KNOW!

Love y'all!

(hugs and smooches to all)



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