Half a Cup of Blues

Friday, July 07, 2006

Lily by the Creek ...

This was such a pretty flower.
It was growing wild on the bank of Hat Creek.


  • So beautiful! Nature never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

    By Anonymous Indelibrella, at 7/08/2006 10:26 AM  

  • those are absolutely beautiful. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know you were there.

    Hugs, Me

    By Blogger Zissy, at 7/08/2006 5:25 PM  

  • I agree with Indelibrella and Zissy. Nature has a way to stun with her mahvelous beauty and you capture them so well, my dear!


    By Anonymous anica, at 7/09/2006 4:31 PM  

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