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Monday, July 31, 2006

Phyllo Me ...

So I was watching Paula Dean on the Food Network channel and she made what looked like a quick and easy asparagus appetizer with phyllo dough.

I think I can do that!

I've been busy scouting the internet for other phyllo dough recipes and will try some while I am on vacation this week or next. I did find an interesting website called
Too Many Chefs that had some great links, stories, and recipes. Check them out if you get a chance!

Anyways, while looking in the freezer to see what meat I was going to take out for tomorrow's dinner I came across another appetizer that I had planned on sharing with Yibbyl. It, too, was made with phyllo dough so I took that as an omen and brought it out and baked it for dinner. YUM! It was Spanakopita from Impromptu Gourmet and it really was scrumptious!

I am definitely going to be experimenting with phyllo so I'l keep y'all posted with the good, the bad, and the delectable outcomes!

Today's Plan: Find some yummy phyllo recipes and make a grocery list!


  • Oh, I love phyllo dough. And spanakopita! Lucky!

    PS: My word is "zoeeuqt" Zoe, you cutie? :)

    By Anonymous Alison, at 8/01/2006 7:22 AM  

  • Enjoy! I've never worked with it successfully. I just stick with puff pastry now.

    By Blogger bhd, at 8/01/2006 9:47 AM  

  • Puff pastry?

    I think that my mom uses that, too.

    Is it better/easier?

    I have never used either one so it is all new to me!

    By Blogger ~Just Michelle~, at 8/01/2006 2:29 PM  

  • It looks wonderful. This seals the deal. I AM finding a way to come for dinner! :-)

    By Blogger CindyDianne, at 8/01/2006 5:52 PM  

  • mmmmm... phyllo is great stuff. you can always cheat and just buy it pre-made at the store, wrap it around whatever you want. we make a mushroom stroganov that goes great in it.

    By Blogger platypotamus, at 8/02/2006 12:28 PM  

  • Phyllo is so cool and really versatile.

    Just not so easy to make from scratch. Go to the freezer to avoid any headaches.

    By Anonymous anica, at 8/02/2006 1:41 PM  

  • Well, I bought a package of each kind. I'm definitely going with the frozen prepared dough rather than trying to make it from scratch!

    I'll try using them both and see which oneI like the best.

    By Blogger ~Just Michelle~, at 8/02/2006 6:21 PM  

  • Sounds like it would be fun to make..and tasty

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 8/03/2006 8:01 AM  

  • I saw that episode of "Home Cooking" too. Okay, so that's not a far stretch, being that I watch A LOT of Food Network. Between that, and some other stuff I've seen done with phyllo, I've added it to my shopping list.

    By Blogger newwavegurly, at 8/06/2006 9:43 AM  

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