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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Snow Day in July ...

So we went for another drive today!

This time we drove to Lassen Volcanic National Park
*Click on any of the pics to see the larger version.

We drove around a corner to see Hat Lake and it was so lovely that we had to stop for a picture.

Then we drove up and up and up some more! As we got closer to the summit parking lot (all covered in snow) we had a killer view of the valley and way off over there was Lake Almanor! That's still on my "To Do" list since I have never been there.

Now we are surrounded by snow on all sides and we were still wearing shorts and sandals since it was 101° down in the valley! Just past the summit trail is my favorite place in the park: Lake Helena. This lake is the most gorgeous color that you have ever seen. Unfortunately most of it is still buried under snow and ice but you can see just a bit of it peeking out.

We drove around a few more curves and got close enough to get this shot.

As we came closer to the back side of the park we could smell something NASTY! It was the Sulphur Works and no self-respecting volcano would be caught without them. They smelled like seriously rotten eggs (or teenage boy farts) and we could literally hear the mud bubbling and burping sulphur in the one vent. Yibbyl was so patient and he finally caught the splatter as it gave another loud belch!

Now we all know that no adventure would be complete without at least one picture of wildflowers! Here is one with some lovely Indian Paintbrush and some other purple flowers. Yibbyl took several wildflower pictures and I hope that he is posting some of those, too!

Well, we had a wonderful time exploring our local National Park and we even bought a Passport so that we can start checking in at other parks around the country. Y'all should all check out what natural wonders are in your area and go visit them! If they are really kewl then send me an invitation and I'll come visit and check it out, too! And y'all are welcome to come to my neck of the woods and and explore around here with me, too!

Love ya's!


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