Half a Cup of Blues

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comedy of Errors...

Yibbyl and I took the Goobers to the airport to catch their plane to Missouri to their dad's.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong airport.

We were in Sacramento 2 hours before takeoff and had to scramble to get to Oakland.

We arrived at the terminal as the plane was loading but it took off before they could get through security.

Of course, it was the last plane of the day heading to Kansas City.

What else could we do but find a hotel room, buy some toiletries and clean undies and hope for some good luck with standby status the next day.

We were too late for the 6:40am flight but they had room on an 8:30am flight.

The boys are now with their dad and only one of them will be coming home in 2 weeks.

I'm heading in to the school to pack up some more of my personal stuff and clear my old classroom out.

Some memories you just can't put into a box.

Today's Plan: Breathe deeply, smile, and turn in my keys.


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