Half a Cup of Blues

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Home Grown Blues...


Yibbyl and I put an offer on a house about 6 weeks ago.

The house was up for a short sale just prior to being foreclosed on. We did not hear anything back regarding our offer. The house went up for public auction on the court house steps. Yibbyl was there and nobody made an offer on the house at all (opening bid was several thousand dollars higher than our offer).

Then we hear that foreclosure and auction papers will not be entered at the courthouse for 30 days while they go back and consider our offer.

Meanwhile, the house has been left unlocked at least twice that we know of. The second time it had been vandalized and both bathrooms had damage and missing stuff.

We go weeks and still do not hear anything so we amend our offer and drop it $14k because we are fairly frustrated at the whole lack of response that we're getting.

This house needs a ton of work but it has some really neat things going for it like a 2 acre lagoon off the backyard that you can fish or kayak in.

Waiting sucks.


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