Half a Cup of Blues

Monday, July 31, 2006

Phyllo Me ...

So I was watching Paula Dean on the Food Network channel and she made what looked like a quick and easy asparagus appetizer with phyllo dough.

I think I can do that!

I've been busy scouting the internet for other phyllo dough recipes and will try some while I am on vacation this week or next. I did find an interesting website called
Too Many Chefs that had some great links, stories, and recipes. Check them out if you get a chance!

Anyways, while looking in the freezer to see what meat I was going to take out for tomorrow's dinner I came across another appetizer that I had planned on sharing with Yibbyl. It, too, was made with phyllo dough so I took that as an omen and brought it out and baked it for dinner. YUM! It was Spanakopita from Impromptu Gourmet and it really was scrumptious!

I am definitely going to be experimenting with phyllo so I'l keep y'all posted with the good, the bad, and the delectable outcomes!

Today's Plan: Find some yummy phyllo recipes and make a grocery list!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Avenue of the Giants ...

On the second day of our roadtrip we drove along the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County. It was not quite as cool here even though there was a ton of shade. The redwood trees were incredible and majestic. Here are a few of the pictures that we took:

This one is of Chris (Goober) walking across a fallen redwood that is covered with the biggest clover plants that you have ever seen!

This was at the base of the first big redwood grove that we came across.

This is the Immortal Tree and the information about it is in the picture down below.

That is one seriously well aged tree! And it could make several houses!

This is the Eel River and the guys are standing on the remains of an old ghost town when they take the picture.

We drove through this tree! And high-centered doing it, too!

I told you that the clover was HUGE! That's my hand holding one.

And one last wildflower picture that still needs to be identified.

Stay tuned for the next adventure!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cooling Down in Trinidad...

Here we are at the Ocean Grove Lodge in Trinidad, California.

It was supposed to be 113 degrees back home so we came to the coast for a COOL weekend getaway. It's only around 65 degrees here!

We checked in early and then drove over to Patrick's Point and walked down to Agate Beach.

This is the view from the lookout at the top of the bluff.

And this is the view from down below at the beach level. You should thank me now for NOT taking pictures of the very large and very dead sea lion on the beach. Down at this end of the beach is where we found the largest pieces of agate that day.

The Goobers were not very interested in hunting for rocks or shells so they occupied themselves with the waves and each other. There were having a BLAST!

Soon afterwards the other big boy, yes that would be Yibbyl, joined them in the surf and they played hard for quite a while. Now when I say that they had a blast, I mean it literally. They were sandblasted and saltblasted until they were raw!

When it was time to head back we looked up and saw that the mist was rolling in and that it sure was a good ways back UP that darned trail!

We finally made it to the top and had to take just one more shot of the sea before we left.

Here are some of the treasures that we found on the beach.

And here is the wildflower picture of the day! I don't know what it is yet but I'll check the book and get back to y'all.

All in all Saturday was a great day.

Sunday will have pictures, too. It will include whatever we find on the Avenue of the Giants! Oh, we got to listen to K-HUM on the car radio and it is so similar to RadioParadise that it felt like we had it on the road with us. How sweet is that?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

He's a Handy Man ...

Ignore the fence (this is a rental) and look at the beautiful raised bed planter boxes that Yibbyl made!

Isn't he great?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

5 Things ...

So I was tagged by CindyDianne to the the 5 Things thing. Doesn't that just sound redundant? So here goes...

5 Things

In my fridge:
  • Stuffed Olives (I was craving them one day!).
  • Meatloaf (leftover from last night).
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese (sliced for our grilled burgers).
  • Cilantro and limes (for homemade salsa).
  • 5 small avocadoes (for fresh guacamole).

In my closet:

  • Way too many of MY clothes (some even in stacks).
  • 14 pairs of birkinstocks (cuz I love 'em).
  • Footstool (otherwise I can't reack the shelf with the Birks!
  • 2 baskets of clothes (nestled on stacks, of course).
  • 4 suitcases and travel bags (for camping, traveling, etc).

In my wallet (or purse for women):

  • Baby nail clippers and tweezers (they are so handy!).
  • Dairy pills (can't have ice cream or cheesecake without 'em).
  • Vanilla Milkshake hand lotion (no dairy pills needed).
  • Ritalin (may save the twins' lives and my sanity).
  • $10 in Cinemark bucks (for donating platelets).

In my car/truck:

  • 4 camping chairs (from the fireworks show).
  • 2 floaties (for the lake).
  • 2 towels (also for the lake).
  • 1 empty water bottle and 1 empty tea bottle (from the Lassen trip).
  • Cingular phone charger (hanging out of the cigarette lighter).

Five people I am tagging:

Now it should be noted here that I don't truly expect people to have to do this but they can if they want to. I'm especially interested in seeing what people have in the fridge!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Snow Day in July ...

So we went for another drive today!

This time we drove to Lassen Volcanic National Park
*Click on any of the pics to see the larger version.

We drove around a corner to see Hat Lake and it was so lovely that we had to stop for a picture.

Then we drove up and up and up some more! As we got closer to the summit parking lot (all covered in snow) we had a killer view of the valley and way off over there was Lake Almanor! That's still on my "To Do" list since I have never been there.

Now we are surrounded by snow on all sides and we were still wearing shorts and sandals since it was 101° down in the valley! Just past the summit trail is my favorite place in the park: Lake Helena. This lake is the most gorgeous color that you have ever seen. Unfortunately most of it is still buried under snow and ice but you can see just a bit of it peeking out.

We drove around a few more curves and got close enough to get this shot.

As we came closer to the back side of the park we could smell something NASTY! It was the Sulphur Works and no self-respecting volcano would be caught without them. They smelled like seriously rotten eggs (or teenage boy farts) and we could literally hear the mud bubbling and burping sulphur in the one vent. Yibbyl was so patient and he finally caught the splatter as it gave another loud belch!

Now we all know that no adventure would be complete without at least one picture of wildflowers! Here is one with some lovely Indian Paintbrush and some other purple flowers. Yibbyl took several wildflower pictures and I hope that he is posting some of those, too!

Well, we had a wonderful time exploring our local National Park and we even bought a Passport so that we can start checking in at other parks around the country. Y'all should all check out what natural wonders are in your area and go visit them! If they are really kewl then send me an invitation and I'll come visit and check it out, too! And y'all are welcome to come to my neck of the woods and and explore around here with me, too!

Love ya's!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Lily by the Creek ...

This was such a pretty flower.
It was growing wild on the bank of Hat Creek.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What a Lovely Day ...

Last Sunday we took a little trip around the neighborhood.

We visited Burney Falls.

Then we swam and fished at Lake Britton for a while.

Then we drove along Hat Creek and the guys fished.

I love this area.
All in all it was a lovely day!

*All photos taken with my Kodak DX6490